Repossession Specialists

As a business offering repossession services we are often referred to as field agents, mercantile agents or repossession agents.

As repossession agents we are required to attend an address in person. Our clients are generally finance companies, banks, leasing and rental organisations.

SEQProcess are specialists in the area of repossession and are fully conversant with the appropriate compliance requirements which are essential to protect a creditors interest.

Assets generally range from:

  • Property (real estate)
  • Commercial equipment
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Office equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • And more

When repossessing an item or asset, say for example a motor vehicle, our Agents will at all times, and when instructed, speak with the debtor in an attempt to obtain payment of what is outstanding, or to obtain a suitable repayment arrangement.  When this fails, an agent will attend to the securing and towing of the vehicle by a professional towing specialist.  When a repossession occurs we prepare for our client, a detailed report together with detailed photographic evidence of the item prior to its removal from the premises.

Before engaging a repossession agent, ensure the Agent is not only licensed but is fully conversant with legislation when it comes to recovering of assets.

At SEQProcess, our agents speciliase in repossessions and deliver excellent results and our service includes:

  • Qualified, licensed agents who specialise in repossession
  • Location and repossession of assets
  • Photography of assets
  • Repossession report

The IMA (Institute of Mercantile Agents Limited) is the industry Association representing businesses who offer services in collections, process serving, repossession and investigations in Australia.

Download your FREE copy of the IMA Best Practice Guide – Repossessions which outlines Regulatory Guidelines, the role of a Repossession Agent and the services provided for the recovery of goods and chattels securing financial agreements between creditors and debtors. This Guide may assist you in choosing the best firm for your needs.

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