Experienced Field Call Experts

SEQProcess Serving field agents are licensed and comply with all relevant legislation, including the ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines where applicable, so when calls to your customers are not being returned and their phones are disconnected,  SEQProcess Serving & Collections can assist.

Our experienced Field Agents will attend the address to speak with your customer to gather contact information, negotiate a repayment arrangement when necessary, complete a statement of financial position, confirm occupancy of a property, or deliver a letter demand if required.  

Our clients use our Field Call service to:

  • Make demand for payment of an outstanding debt
  • Establish up to date contact information
  • Verify an individual’s identity
  • Verify location
  • Confirmation of property occupancy
  • Photographic evidence when required
  • Pre-litigation discovery for identification or location purposes
  • Motor vehicle accident queries
  • Attend and interview debtors regarding payment arrangements defaults

The experienced Field Call agents at SEQProcess Service & Collections will work with you to ensure your field call gains your expected outcome, and is completed in a timely manner. Contact our Team today.

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