Enforcement Hearing Attendance

Under the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 -70 QLD Courts, an experienced SEQProcess ‘Field agent’  specialises in all aspects of the Enforcement Hearing Process, including the Service of Enforcement Hearing Summonses; Oral Examinations of the Enforcement Debtor and if required, assistance in completing the Form 71 Statement of Financial Position.

Our Field Agents attending Enforcement Hearings are experienced, and understand the process and information required by a creditor to verify the debtors ability to pay.

Filing Court Documentation

If you are not able to file your documents electronically, SEQProcess Serving Field Agent can attend the appropriate court with the original documents and lodge them for you; and where appropriate, once filed, we will return them to you OR  if your documents require ‘urgent’ service, SEQProcess Serving can do that too. 

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