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Recovering a debt is something that most people don’t really want to do, although money is owing, recovering the debt can be very stressful. Often, debtors default because of circumstance, such as illness or unemployment or an event somewhat out of their control. Then there are others where avoidance of the debt is deliberate, but the majority of people are honest and don’t like the anxiety of an outstanding debt and if given a reasonable opportunity to repay their debt, will do so.

As a debt collection agent it is our job to recognise and potentially work with those debtors who are experiencing financial hardship and offer flexibility in payment arrangements that we know are able to be sustained given that their ongoing daily living expenses haven’t changed. Likewise when dealing with debtors where avoidance is the issue, experience is key.

With a combined 65 years experience, we are Queensland’s most trust debt collection agency providing services to clients from the Tweed Coast to Caboolture.  Contact us today.


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